28 August 2023

A bus full of tastes

A bus full of tastes

- A Bus Full of Tastes

“Mobile Grocery Store” has also been added to Halkın Bakkalı/Halkın Kasabı, which operates with 11 branches in Izmir. The bus, which serves as a Mobile Store, provides economical and reliable food to our citizens in a different region of Izmir every week.

'Mobile Grocery Store' was added to the 11 branches of the Halkın Bakkalı/Halkın Kasabı markets, which were implemented with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to deliver healthy, economical and reliable food to the public. Mobile Grocery Store goes to the most needed neighborhoods of Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality allows citizens to meet the meat products they have been deprived of for a long time by going to their neighborhoods.

In a different neighborhood every week

The Mobile Grocery Store of Halkın Bakkalı/Halkın Kasabı serves in a different neighborhood every week in line with the demand from the citizens. The announcement of the determined sales points is made through Halkın Bakkalı social media accounts and website.

Economic and healthy food with 12 branches

With the addition of Mobile Grocery Store to the Halkın Bakkalı/Halkın Kasabı stores, the number of which was increased to 11 by İztarım, a subsidiary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, now serves as 12 branches. Healthy and safe meat products in the Halkın Kasabı sections and Mobile Grocery Store are prepared in İztarım's Ödemiş Meat Integrated Facility. All of the meat prepared in a fully equipped meat integrated facility is obtained from animals purchased from small producers. While supporting small producers in rural agricultural regions, a great service is provided by contributing to the budgets of consumers living in the city, which have succumbed to inflation.

A Bus Full of Tastes

In addition to meat products, Halkın Bakkalı-Halkın Kasabı branches offer İzmirli branded dairy products, herbal products and natural and healthy products produced by cooperatives from all over Turkey. The same products and meats are also available at Mobile Grocery Store.


Source: İztarım Press/Editorial


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